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Program on Negotiation – Art of Successful Negotiations

Art of Successful Negotiations2

Program Duration: 3 Days (October 23rd – 25th, 2017 ) | Fees: SAR 14,500 per participant | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Certificate of attendance will be issued by  PON

For enquiries & registration, please contact; +966-50-182-3642, +966 12 659 4248, +966-55-570-7287 ||

Three-Day Program on Negotiation Course is approved by Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC)-KSA Approval Number 159299715

Founded in 1983, the Program on Negotiation is a consortium program of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Tufts University. Learn More

Negotiation and leadership skills are essential for succeeding in today’s dynamic world. Effective negotiations with international business partners, vendors, colleagues, government officials, and key stakeholders can make an immense difference in successfully running your business and organization. This program has been designed for leaders to learn professional negotiation techniques, including how to overcome barriers and achieve winning outcomes for both parties at the bargaining table.

Key Benefits and Expected Outcomes

  • Learn how to confidently negotiate successful deals around the world
  • Discover how to build partnerships and create sustainable outcomes
  • Understand how to create value and find win-win solutions to complex problems.
  • Improve your working relationships with boards of directors, colleagues, employees, clients, and other key stakeholders through effective negotiation
  • Understand how to conduct international negotiations effectively in a turbulent environment
  • Learn how to negotiate in a multi-cultural environment
  • Design and implement innovative strategies for successful negotiations
  • Framework and key principles for successful negotiations
  • Understanding your best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
  • Effective negotiation strategies, tools, and techniques
  • Understanding how to deal with difficult negotiation techniques used by others
  • Discover how to create a win-win situation
  • Learn how to facilitate productive discussions and how to solve problems
  • Lead while negotiating
  • Getting to “YES” in negotiations
  • Harvard University negotiation simulations and interactive exercises
  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • Real-life case studies from Harvard University
  • Video-conferencing with faculty at Harvard Law School
  • Group exercises and activities
  • Film modules illustrating key lessons
  • Executives and entrepreneurs with a minimum of 8 years’ experience
  • CEOʼs, COOʼs, CFOʼs, Directors, General Managers, and Vice Presidents
  • Business Owners
  • Functional Heads
  • Business Unit Leaders

Dr. Alain Lempereur

Program on Negotiation (PON) Faculty, Harvard Law School
M.Phil. and M.Law from the University of Brussels
S.J.D. from Harvard Law School

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GBS reserves the right to change the program, faculty and date at any time.