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Business Expansion Strategy in Tough Times (BEST) – Blue Ocean Strategy


Program Duration: 3 Days
AED 16,000 (inclusive of 5% VAT) per participant
Location: TBD.

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Three-Day Business Expansion Strategy in Tough Times Course is approved by Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) Dubai – Permit No. 627780

Often, we need to unlearn conventional ways to learn new things or do them unconventionally. This three-day program revolves around what to do differently in order to achieve more than what individuals and organizations have accomplished thus far. The program also enables the participants to identify how to take an organization to new heights of growth through blue ocean strategy and disruptive innovation.

The program starts with fundamental concepts of business strategy, leading on to ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, and disruptive innovation. The program builds up to a level where participants discover how to create a winning business strategy that can help organizations expand the market and become a market leader.

Benefits and Expected Outcomes

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire a clear understanding of “Strategy” and “Blue Ocean Strategy”
  • Understand the difference between Corporate, Business, and Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Learn how to use “Blue Ocean Strategy” and “disruptive innovation” to expand your business and maximize revenues
  • Explore how to become a market leader through execution of Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation
  • Bring about innovation in products and services and expand the market for your products and services by leveraging Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Understand how to build a leadership position in the market and make the competition irrelevant
  • Develop a strategy map and performance management criteria using Balanced Scorecard
  • Create an action plan to execute business strategy
  • Develop a culture of innovation in the organization to reap long-term business growth


Key Benefits to Your Organization

Enhance employee strategic thinking, decision-making, performance, innovation, and retention, which will lead to competitive advantage, business growth, and higher profitability for companies.

•    What is the difference between corporate and business strategy?
•    What is Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)?
•    Become a market leader through innovation in new products or service that vow customers
•    The secrets of crafting successful business strategy through innovation
•    Create and sustain competitive advantage through disruptive innovation
•    Grow your business and revenues while making the competition irrelevant
•    Blue Ocean Strategy mapping through the Balanced Scorecard
•    Use the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System

  • Executives & Entrepreneurs with a minimum of 5 years experience.
  • Directors, General Managers, and Vice Presidents.
  • Business Owners
  • Functional Heads
  • Business Unit Leaders

Dr Rizwan Amin Sheikh - Blue Background(2)Dr. Rizwan Amin Sheikh, MBA, PMP, PhD
Dean and Professor, GBS
Adjunct Faculty, JBS-Executive Education, University of Cambridge, UK
Ph.D., Skema Business School, France
MBA, Cleveland State University, USA
B.Sc., The Ohio State University, USA
Certified PMP, PMI (USA)

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Dr. Justin P. Johnson
Professor of Economics
Area Coordinator of Strategy and Business Economics
Cornell University, USA
Ph.D. (Economics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

GBS reserves the right to change the program, faculty and date at any time.


“We really appreciate the content of the course and the environment.”

– Hamzeh Kourbeh
Executive Manager, BTAM

“This course is giving us the ideas and the vision to develop our business.”

 – Omar Alayoubi
Executive Director – Business Development, National Water Company

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