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Finance for Non-Finance Executives


Program Duration: 3 Days (March 6th – 8th, 2018) | Fees: SAR 15,000 per participant (inclusive of 5 % VAT)| Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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For enquiries & registration, please contact; +966-50-182-3642, +966 12 659 4248, +966-55-570-7287 ||

Three-Day Finance for Non-Finance Executives Course is approved by Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC)-KSA Approval Number 159254718

There is a growing need for non-finance executives to understand how business accounting and finance work in the corporate world. This three-day program has been designed for executives that come from engineering, social sciences, and any other non-finance backgrounds. It will provide a focused and hands-on experience on the fundamental and commonly used financial concepts and techniques in businesses. This program will equip the non-financial executives and managers with skills that will enable them not only to grasp core financial matters but also to conduct financial analysis themselves. It will transform the functional executives into leaders who can integrate their business and investment strategies using modern financial tools and techniques. It will also enable them to make critical decisions based on economic indicators and financial data.

Key Benefits and Expected Outcomes

After attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and confidently use fundamental accounting and financial terms
  • Read and comprehend financial statements. Draw meaningful information from reported financial numbers for improved executive decision-making.
  • Run organizations in an efficient way from an economic and financial viewpoint.
  • Apply global best practices in managing financial aspects of business and organizations.
  • Interpret the importance and impact of financial ratios.
  • Devise successful investment strategies.
  • Make critical investment decisions at personal and business levels by applying time value of money concepts.
  • Carry out capital budgeting analysis.
  • Learn valuation techniques for exploring and analyzing investment decisions.
  • Recognize and deal with challenges in valuing investment proposals.
  • Appreciate important ethical concerns in financial decision making.
  • Fundamentals of accounting and finance
  • The art of scorekeeping in business
  • Cash is king, understanding cash flow statements
  • Value of time and money
  • Valuation for decision-making
  • Valuing real investments
  • Picking and understanding key performance metrics from company financial statements
  • Capital budgeting analysis
  • Ethics and finance review
  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • Real-life case studies from Harvard Business School (USA)
  • Simulation from Harvard Business School (USA)
  • Group exercises and activities
  • Executives & Entrepreneurs with a minimum of 8 years experience.
  • Directors, General Managers, and Vice Presidents.
  • Business Owners
  • Functional Heads
  • Business Unit Leaders
  • Engineers, Medical Doctors, IT Executives, Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents and other Non-Finance Executives.

Prof. Drew David Pascarella 

Lecturer of Finance
Cornell University (USA)
MBA, Cornell University (USA)


Prof. Aleksander Grzeszczak

Lecturer in Finance,
University of Cambridge (UK)
Adjunt Faculty, Ashridge Exec Ec,
Hult International Business School (UK)
MBA, Columbia Business School (USA)

GBS reserves the right to change the program, faculty and date at any time.

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