Developing Global Leaders and Economies

Founding Associate Schools:

GBS Mission


Impart high-quality business, entrepreneurship, and technology management education to develop the knowledge economy and marketable skills among both male and female youth in the Middle East region. We will help them find jobs in the private sector in the international market.


Recruit high-quality international faculty for achieving teaching excellence, conducting management research, and imparting premier executive education with a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation in the Middle East.


Establish a platform for conducting research and dissemination of knowledge on women entrepreneurship and leadership studies to create social impact and provide community service in Saudi Arabia as well as the region.


Produce innovative and ethical entrepreneurs and leaders who will make meaningful and visible contributions to the development of intellectual capital, the growth of businesses, and the creation of private sector jobs for the growing youth population in Saudi Arabia and the region.


Bring innovation and best practices from international business schools and universities to Saudi Arabia to strengthen business education, achieve international competitiveness, and attain outstanding levels of leadership and scholarship in Saudi Arabia and the region.